Power Steering

For ease of operation and equipped with  curtis  controller

Vertical Drive System

Drive floating adjustable system and new ac motor provides enhances power and gradeabiltity.

Power Boost System

Introducing new power boost system from heli, this prevents the trucks from wheel skids

Electronic Lift Limitation

This is a new safety feature equipped with the stacker. its improves the safety factor and saves energy

Side Extraction Battery

New design of side extaraction battery gives ease of service 

Automatic reset Handle

This reduces mechanical shock and also it is equipped with three optional speeds. New feature also provides fast movement in no load condition and slow movement in load conditions

Models & Specification

Model​ ​Capacity ​Drive Motor ​Mast ​Load Centre
​CDD12 ​1200 Kg ​AC ​Three Stage Mast ​600 mm
​CDD14 ​1400 Kg AC Three Stage Mast 600 mm
​CDD16 1600 Kg​ AC Three Stage Mast 600 mm

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